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Schedule & Organize

Your time with the kids and their events.

Drop-off, pick-up, be there, be here.

Life is busy sometimes and Calendar sorts it all out, making it easy to stay organized and keep up. Your scheduling conflict days are over, starting now.

Quickly set up, view, and edit
your parenting schedule.


More than Messaging

Communicate about family matters.

Reliably text the same way you always have with any of your contacts connected to AppClose and enjoy the convenience of having all of your parenting communications in one location! This includes the ability to communicate with your attorney confidentially and export any communications between you and your contacts if needed for any reason.

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Search and export


Safe & Synchronized

Share and export records as needed.

Need to be reimbursed for extracurricular activities or medical visits for the kids? Need to change a drop-off time?

Submit your requests to the other parent here. AppClose even facilitates payments through a trusted third party provider making it easy to stay on top of obligations.

Scan and send

Safe, secure and
password protected


Track, Manage & Pay

Expenses and reimbursements.

Expenses - an integrated tracker designed to help you track your expenses. This simple and intuitive user interface helps you easily track your spending and convert expenses into reimbursement requests.

Get paid by

Scan and share receipts and


Always have

important information with you and share with the other parent.

Your family profile and your children’s information is securely stored here and is accessible whenever you need it. Share important information with the other parent such as professionals, children’s immunization, school information, alternative child care options and more - all at the touch of a button!

Access key

Store relevant

List teachers,
tutors, etc.

What’s New?

What’s New?

Stay organized and be more productive than ever before.

Go here to view a sequence of your events and the status of any reimbursement request sent or received. For more information, just tap the subject line.

Organize and schedule children’s
events, activities and appointments.

Why people love AppClose?

Why people love AppClose?

Better than I expected

This app seems to be working well so far. It offers a lot for being a free app. Setting up my account was easy to create and had step by step instructions to complete the process. I hope this app will assist me in creating a clear co-parenting schedule.

Makes it very easy

I’ve been using this app for almost one year and this app makes it very for us to keep to our co-parenting schedule and even our own lives. We know when we can plan outings with our child and when he will be with the other parent. Also, very good for doctor appointments and any school activities. Great App!!!

Great app 5

This app has cut down the confusing mess me and the mother of my kids had. Absolutely transparent.